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Wind turbine, electricity generating installation.

Solar panel electricity generating installation



Wind turbines provide electricity on land

Solar panels arrays generate electricity on land







In the quest for zero emission navigation, we are again looking to the wind and sun for inspiration, to help us drive our vessels cleanly from waypoint to waypoint.


Generating electricity on land is easy in a static situation. In a dynamic situation, the harvesting technology becomes critical to success. Introducing new technical challenges and materials demands.


Put simply, capture equipment efficiency, storage methods and ultimately, conversion to thrust ratios need to be increased wherever possible if we are the achieve sustainable navigation.


Solar panel conversion efficiencies have risen, while cost per square meter has fallen, making them more attractive as a means of propulsion. Tracking the sun, by changing the angle of arrays, improves energy harvesting further.


Wind turbines are still evolving with VAWT chasing the efficiency of HAWT designs (the ones you normally see), now approaching similar performance levels. Though, there is a lot of work still to do, where reliability is an issue, balanced by ease of servicing and a lower centre of gravity, as affects roll stability, etc.




Turanor PlanetSolar, May 2012



SILENCE IS GOLDEN - On land, both solar and wind harvesting of energy from nature, to make electricity, is pretty much the norm and a burgeoning business internationally. But in a harsh marine environment, we have to deal with rolling and pitching, putting additional strains on all mechanical components. Then there is the corrosive effect of salt to consider and long term safeguards - to maintain performance levels - in high wind speeds.











PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF SCIENCE - The solar and wind powered 'Elizabeth Swann' will feature solar collectors and wind energy harvesting, to power the very latest 'Deep Speed' electric jet drives from Sealence, in Italy. This diagram shows a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) aft.






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