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HMS Queen Elizabeth, represents unacceptable expenditure in the face of our climate crisis



Even warships should become non-polluting. There are ways of peacekeeping that are less damaging to the environment. Nuclear war is unthinkable as a deterrent to all but the most obtuse generals. That is like threatening a bully, by punching yourself on the nose. Hey, if you don't stop that, I'm going to give myself a good kicking. Myself, being planet earth and all life on it. The earth is home to millions of species that have taken millions of years to evolve. Is anyone that uncaring, to want to push the big red button. Where we are unique in all the universe.




The concept of profit and growth, does not sit well with sustainable management of the planet. Outdated politics is based on exploitation, rather than conservation.


It is pointless stocking your larder with more than you can realistically enjoy. That does not mean having an empty larder, it means enjoying life responsibly.


There will always be people looking to make quick and sizeable profits, and not that bothered about how they achieve that. We don't have a problem with wealth generation, so long as it is responsible - where in the past that has not been the case. And those making fortunes, have been lackluster in ploughing back into the community, what they may have plundered, in the climb to billionaire status.


The new kids on the block are blue-growth friendly billionaires. Blue growth being sustainable trading, generally based on circular economics. Hence, making a profit without exploiting earth's natural resources. Or, compensating for such endeavour by replenishing the balance of nature - in one way or another, by offset.


The environmental impact of shipping includes greenhouse gas emissions, oil pollution and nuclear radiation. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) estimates that Carbon dioxide emissions from shipping were equal to 2.2% of the global human-made emissions in 2012 and expects them to rise by up to 5.5% by 2050 if no action is taken. We need to build a better future from our new understanding of the world we live on.


There is no need to panic, just take action as soon as possible. The Cleaner Ocean Foundation are ready to move on the Elizabeth Swann project, as a demonstration of clean shipping, with a high speed 44m yacht powered by renewable energy, in the process helping to develop the global infrastructure by doing rather than saying.






In our view it is madness to allow anything on or under the sea that could alter the ecology of the ocean, cause long term pollution, or add to global warming. At the moment there are diesel engines plying the waves in great numbers, using dirty bunker fuel. Help us to help that situation change, in doing so, helping the IMO to achieve clean their clean shipping targets before 2050.


Make us to help fleet operators make good fuel choices.




ZERO RADIATION & CARBON: The Elizabeth Swann shown above, is a zero emissions vessel, using only renewable energy with solar assistance for propulsion. She could have a boosted performance with green hydrogen based fuel, as a hybrid, to provide high speed transits as a ferry, though 10 knots constant is achievable in theory using only renewables. Something we hope to be able to prove before too long. She is also 95% recyclable, after say 20-30 years of service.






GREAT TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT: But do we still need the ability to blast the world to bits. Are we really that dumb? Submarines make great movies, but are dangerous to their crews and anyone working in close proximity to the nuclear material used for their cores. And that includes the decommissioning that never really gets rid of the radioactive waste safely.











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