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Horizon Europe 100 billion euro research and innovation programme


Europe's 100 billion research and innovation programme to succeed Horizon 2020. Who knows where this may lead, after FP7 and H2020. Stay positive and keep those fingers crossed. We are going to need our fair share of good fortune if we are to save planet earth.



There are literally hundreds of EU and G20 funding calls that don't quite make the grade, incentivisation wise, until enthusiasm has waned and project teams have been disbanded, by which time it is too late - causing stagnation. It is important for policy makers to identify ideas while that enthusiasm is hot.




The UK and another 16 countries should be eligible to participate from June 2021.




Development has to wait as policy wends its way through incremental improvements, rather than rapid advancement - only popular in times of war. But we are at war - with global desertification and melting icecaps!


The EU's Horizon Europe could change the climate warming landscape, where they are trying to break down the barriers geared to knock out SMEs and startups by virtue of the financial capability and track record tests, where clearly, a startup would not have a trading track record - making the European Commission risk adverse - in real terms.


Newbies, innocent of the way of the world will be submitting applications without little chance of success, that the examiners might then pass on (the ideas submitted in good faith) to favoured organisations. Being those funded previously.


So keep a lookout for proposals you may have submitted, that are later developed by others. This gives the "Knowledge Transfer Network" a whole new meaning in terms of the potential for intellectual property theft. Non disclosure agreements are worthless if papers are leaked without transparency built-in, and patents cost far too much for SMEs. Indeed, with renewal fees and only a twenty year lifespan, engineers may want to consider changing career, for a fairer deal.


But for those like us who are imprudent enough to follow through, despite a stacked deck, then take heart. You are not alone. The modern world is built on the determination of innovators like the Wright Brothers and Louis Bleriot.


The Clean Queen of the Seas, Elizabeth Swann


INHIBITING CURRENT RULES : The Elizabeth Swann is shown above is a zero emissions vessel, using only solar and wind power for propulsion, but under current EU point scoring, she'd have little chance of securing funding. This is why we are inviting other forms of collaboration, including corporate branding opportunity.



Horizon Europe is the EU's next research and innovation programme starting in 2021, taking over from Horizon 2020 and the Green Deal

It is claimed that their powerful instruments and innovative governance will drive the necessary systemic changes to reach climate neutrality and ensure an inclusive ecological and economic transition.

Horizon Europe, in synergy with other EU programmes, will be key to leveraging national public and private investment. Together they will foster new technologies, sustainable solutions and disruptive innovation and spread successful new solutions across Europe and the world.

It is claimed that over 35% of Horizon Europe spending will contribute to climate objectives.


The Commission hope that there will be a new wave of research and innovation partnerships under Horizon Europe.

They hope these partnerships will help drive the huge transformations in environment, society and the economy that the European Green Deal calls for.

The EU will work closely with industry and countries to support partnerships in critical areas such as transport - including batteries - clean hydrogen, low-carbon steel, circular biobased sectors, the built environment and biodiversity.


It is claimed that the missions in Horizon Europe will mobilise research and innovation, catalyse action, deliver impact, demonstrate solutions, and produce European public goods.


At the same time the Commission aim to capture citizens' imagination and inspire confidence in the transformations ahead.

Four out of the five agreed mission areas in Horizon Europe directly support the European Green Deal:

- Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters
- Climate-neutral and smart cities
- Soil health and food
- Adaptation to climate change and societal transformation
- Green research and innovation rules

To deliver on the European Green Deal, a careful assessment, analysis and design of existing and future legislation is necessary. At the same time, it is important to leave room for new and out-of-the-box ideas to reach a sustainable future more quickly and more effectively. Amen to that. Bring it on.

The Innovation Principle approach could be a useful tool in this regard.
















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