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Liverpool University


LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY - Is a Mayflower MAS400 partner. Mayflower 400 2020 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower's pioneering voyage to America in 1620. The University is working in partnership to commemorate this historic voyage.



According to various websites, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will begin its journey across the Atlantic Ocean at some time in 2021. The launch of the project was to, commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers’ voyage to the new world.

Like its namesake in 1620, MAS will rely to some extent on favourable weather to complete its crossing as it will be powered by state-of-the-art renewable energy technology.

The 2020 Mayflower will also carry a research pod, featuring sensors and other equipment which scientists hope will pave the way for ground-breaking research into ocean conditions, marine pollution and conservation, and autonomous navigation.

The project was first conceived in 2014, since when the partners – all with roots in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City – have been refining designs to ensure it can survive whatever conditions the Atlantic Ocean will throw at it.

Those refinements also include ensuring it can be used beyond this voyage and become a prototype for autonomous marine research and exploration in the future.

MAS is being coordinated through a partnership headed by ProMare, a non-profit corporation and public charity established to promote marine research and exploration throughout the world. Though Msubs has potential military conflicts of interest, having secured a Royal Navy contract.
MSubs, which has over 20 years' experience in mechanical engineering, composites, electrical, electronic and software design, will construct the vessel.

Fredrik Soreide, the ProMare Project Director, is quoted as saying:

“The original Mayflower voyage was all about exploration into a new world, and this project is to a large extent the same. It takes autonomous marine vessels to a new level and opens up countless scientific possibilities. We have made considerable progress over the past three years, and it is exciting to now see our vision taking shape as we continue preparations for the crossing next September.”

The final agreed design is for a trimaran-style vessel that includes three research pods packed with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment that will include acoustic, nutrient and temperature sensors, along with water and air samplers, that can create a picture of ocean conditions and mammal behaviour across the Atlantic.

The hull was constructed at a shipyard in Poland, and fitted out in Plymouth in Spring 2020, where the final outfitting and testing was to be completed under the direction of ProMare and MSubs.

Brett Phaneuf, Managing Director of MSubs, is quoted as saying:

“This ship, the third Mayflower, will appropriately commemorate its predecessor’s voyage 400 years ago. It will also allow us to usher in a new phase of research with state-of-the-art technology. It enables us to once again put Plymouth on the map and celebrate the huge diversity of talent we have here, people who are interested in new beginnings and like to lean forward into new opportunities.”





PLYMOUTH - Has ties to the Royal Navy who operate nuclear powered submarines with Trident, nuclear ICBMs as part of their payload, in denial of the recent United Nations ban on such weapons.





Foundation Building
University of Liverpool
Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, L69 7ZX
United Kingdom
+44 (0)151 794 2000






IBM - Computer company

Promare - Project management



Aluship Technology - Boat building in aluminium

Marine AI - Artificial Intelligence

MSubs Ltd - Underwater Vehicles




exact Earth - Real time satellite vessel tracking

Fischer Panda - Electric propulsion system

Gard Marine - Risk Management, insurance underwriting

Gill Instruments - Ultrasonic anemometers

iXblue - Marine Octans gyroscopic navigatins systems

Kawasaki - Powering your potential

National Instruments - Automated test & measurement systems

Nvidia - Computer graphics processors

Red Hat

Rotec Hydraulics

Silicon Sensing - Gyroscope & inertial sensors

Teignbridge propellers

Thales - Digital security solutions

The Weather Company - IMB Business

IBM The Weather Company business

Turnchapel Wharf - Marina berthing & management

Veripos - Navigation and positioning software

Vodafone - Mobile satellite communications

Wärtsilä - Marine energy solutions, radar, sensors



Birmingham University - Human Interface Technologies Team

Chelsea Technologies - Environmental monitoring


ix sea

Jupiter Research Foundation - Liquid Robotics, Waveglider

Liverpool University

Newcastle University

Plymouth Marine Laboratories

Plymouth University

RS Aqua - Science & exploration

Teledyne ISCO - Water pollution monitoring

Valeport - Underwater depth sensors



CityBus - Public transport in Plymouth

UTC Plymouth - Engineering college for 11-19 years olds












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